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BioKS Members Save with Bio Business Solutions

For more information or to get enrolled and start saving, contact Jessica Beach or visit bio.org/bbs/kansas.

Business Solutions
Last year BioKansas members saved more than $1.7 million on equipment and supplies
Jobs & Training
Bioscience jobs are the fastest growing jobs in Kansas.
BioKansas connects students with the bioscience industry
The Bioscience Network in Kansas
The Bioscience Network in Kansas
Shaping the future of bioscience in Kansas, BioKansas members are involved in human, animal, and plant sciences all across the state.
Connecting the bioscience community to encourage and enable the successful attraction, creation, commercialization, and growth of bioscience technologies, products, and services in Kansas.


BioKansas is working to enhance the commercial and research climates for bioscience in Kansas. 


BioKansas gives Kansas' bioscience community the unified voice it needs at both the state and national levels. 


This is your opportunity to grow your business and bioscience network by participating in and sponsoring BioKansas's programs.